Master Atmananda

  • Siddha Sanmarga taught me to not let ur desitiny or karma decide your future but these can be changed if u change ur prarabdha.

    Pooja Cheekati

    Consultant at ITC Infotech Park

  • Siddha sanmarga, the perfect righteous path, all of us ought to tread, in order to unleash our innate potential, celebrate it, savor it and live it! Very much recommended!.

    Nagashree KC Athreya


  • Practicing Siddha Sanmarga Meditations, has helped me overcome my weaknesses. It has improved my personal skills.

    Kavita Gandhi

    Proud Home Maker

  • unleash your ability and see where you can reach. Siddhasanmarga teaches 'Live Life to your potential, justify your presence and benefit mankind.

    Madhusudhan Dara

    Property Manager

  • Siddhasanmarga is nothing but Truth,iam experienced that much goodness from this, my guru is the pathway of my life...

    Rejith Kumar

    Management Consultant

  • Experience which you get here is THE Best. Get the experience to believe it.

    Sandeep Agrawal

    Managing Partner

  • Siddha Sanmarga - a new birth place for me...changed my vision towards my own self...created harmony within me.

    Sonia Singal


  • Helped me to experience the real me which was hidden all these years. .Real freedom. Very much reccomended.

    Saira Ks

    Works at Scottish Government

  • Just after meeting you Guruji life had changed words to express my gratitude.


    Consultant at Bristlecone

  • SiddhaSanmargas’s intensive initiations and mediations enabled me to connect to my own stillness the inner Infinite potential deep within me 24X7 effortlessly,


    Works at Quant systems

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  • A real Guru is one who is born from time to time as a repository of spiritual force which he transmits to future generations through successive links of Guru and Shishya (disciple). siddha_sanmarga

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