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    New Age Awakening

    “The degree to which your Consciousness expands,
    is the degree to which you understand yourself and the universe.”
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    yoga is transformation
    awakening to self

    “The peace of God is with them whose mind and soul are in harmony
    and who know their own soul.”

Sanmarga : Sadhana

Kundalini Awakening and DNA Activation through Prana Path, Shakti Path, and Shiva Path out of the WISDOM of “Garuda Purana (Meditation taught by Bhagwan Vishnu to his disciple Garuda)”, Kathopanishad (Meditation taught by Yama-Raj to Nachiketa), Mandukya-Upanishd, Nirvaan Bhariav Tantra (“how to be yourself”) & Tripur Bhiaravi (“how to become one with Adhya Shakti Tripursundri”). (On this day you will be taught how to leave your body. You are a being of light (infinite consciousness) “you are never Born & you never Die” You just create a body for yourself to Experience this world & Humanity, but you never know how to leave this body due to Maya (illusion) and in this ignorance you again create a new body for you as per your consciousness at the time of leaving this body. It can also be called “Realization of Rebirth” – a very Secret & Sacred natural Process, which Siddha Sanmarga wants to teach you (True Himalayan Wisdom).

  • Intensive Kundalini & Chakra Sadhana "Himalayan Healing Sciences".
  • Intensive Mahamrityunjaya Sadhana & Healing for negative karmic Release
  • Learn & Experience Advance Siddha Shri Vidya Meditation & Healing Techniques.
  • Surya Mani Sadhana & Brahma Astra Meditation for Instant Healing.
  • Meditation in the Cave of Leo.
  • Attuning to the Aquarian of Equinox.
  • Atma-Jyoti Linga Sadhana.
  • Shiva-Jyoti Linga & Paratpara-Jyoti Linga Sadhana.
  • Brahma Gyana & Sadhana..
  • Advance Meditation to heal your financial problems & grow in all aspects of life.
  • Siddha Kriya Meditation to remove all your sorrows & Miseries.
  • Siddha Vastu Gyan & Sadhana, to heal the vastu of your home & workplace.
  • Techniques to develop and improve emotional intelligence.
  • Meditations that accelerate your personal and professional life.
  • Techniques that teach how to create positive and peaceful atmosphere around you.
  • Understand the science of cosmic birth & cosmic meditation.

  • Source: Wisdom words of Siddhaguru Atmananda ji.


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    • A real Guru is one who is born from time to time as a repository of spiritual force which he transmits to future generations through successive links of Guru and Shishya (disciple). siddha_sanmarga

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